Private work



Click on the image for the Retina Wallpaper - 2560 x 1440 px

Close Encounters


Ice Cream Trucks


For Dirt And Glory


Ice Cream


Sunrise Motel


Wedding Invite


Dirk & Ellen's wedding invite

It's always fun to create the invite to most important day of a persons life. Especially when the let you go nuts on typography and iconography.

Fan based logo's


The Simpsons inspired logo designs.

After eating tons and tons of donuts Homer finally gets his own donuts... mmm Donuts! Moe is opening another bar after the succes of hiring a female bartender, and not just a bar, a Gentlemans club. Marge has finally won the bake off! The victory rises to her hair and she opens a pie shop. Bart gets sponsored after many broken bones and pissed of security guards. And so he gets his own Bite Me skatewheels.

Family Guy inspired logo designs.

Stewie got his own brand of laser zappers to kill Louis and everybody else... Quagmire started a clothing line with only hawaiian shirts, in one print. And Brian, every dog needs a logo... Don't forget to grab some Mad Crazy chicken wings at Mad Wings for only $2,99!

American Dad inspired logo designs.

Steve’s little pervy Wacking glasses just got real… Klaus climbed out of his bowl to say “Gutentag”. And dad? Well dad is just all American. Francine is opening a “dancers parlor” and relives her college days.

South Park inspired logo designs.

Colorado state’s nation park wants to show off its sunny mountains. Mr. Marsh is starting a ballsy landscaping company after recovering of his awfull microwave accident. Cartman is building intergalactic satelite systems. Thanks to the Aliens... Bebe’s puberty started and so did her lingerie line, wich stangely only get bought by the boys of her class...

Evil Villain necessity logo designs.

You can’t be a villain without an Evil Lair, you need an Evil Lair. You may need an antidote for yourself when you going to poison the entire world. TNT you can’t go without explosives! You need to blow up shit! And a spare brain, to put in your new body when the old one got beaten by your archenemy.

Signature Animations


From time to time I make these litte animations for my e-mail signatures, to make it just a little more interesting. Feel free to use them as you like.

The empire strikes back


One of my favorite movies of all-time. A little bit of 3D and loads of painting and photomanupilation. This was a real quick one, took about an hour or two or so...

The silk route battle


This piece is about the battle for one the many silk routes on the Mongolian territory. In Mongolian culture it isn't a strange if the princess joins the battle. I tried to make sneak peak out of the battle where she looks at you while the blood of her enemies drips down her face and the arrows fly past her.

A close-up of the portrait

Just around the corner


One of my many new years resolutions is to get out more. Instead of staying home watching movies! Our planet is beatiful and it will always surprise us. So, stop reading this. Shut down your computer or device and go out and check out that beautiful planet of us!